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Eyeota Introduces Gaming Audiences in Asia Pacific Through New Partnership with Ziff Davis

By: Eyeota


Sydney, Australia -- November 28, 2019 --  Eyeota, the leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today announced a new partnership with global digital media company Ziff Davis, a division of J2 Global.

Through this partnership, marketers and agencies can use the Eyeota Audience Marketplace to access audiences derived from Ziff Davis’ 125 owned and operated digital properties and partner sites, including IGN, Mashable, PCMag, Ookla Speedtest, and AskMen, with 5,000 annual product reviews and over 200 million unduplicated monthly visitors.

“By partnering with Eyeota, we are able to leverage the valuable insights we have on these audiences. This partnership will introduce a variety of audience segments in high demand verticals, such as gaming, entertainment, technology, B2B and consumer electronics,” said James Whitehead, General Manager at Ziff Davis.

Ziff Davis has a multitude of gaming audiences available in the Eyeota Audience Marketplace sourced entirely from owned and operated web and mobile properties that are constantly refreshed and curated. These include wide-reaching, scalable audiences such as those interested in general gaming and online entertainment and tech, to more niche, high quality segments such as Fortnite fans or Windows 10 users.

Asia Pacific accounts for nearly half (47.4%) of digital games revenue worldwide, with US$1.9B coming from Australia (source: eMarketer). Data across the Eyeota platform shows a growing trend of gaming advertisers in Oceania steering their audience targeting strategies towards site visitors who intend to shop for consumer electronics, PlayStation consoles and parents with older children.

Jimmy Aoun, Business Development Director at Eyeota, said “The collaboration between Eyeota and Ziff Davis will deliver new and vibrant audience segments that help brands reach highly engaged avid gamers. Advertisers will now be able to influence their customers’ purchase intent through Ziff Davis’ segments, elevating their audience targeting strategies to a whole new level.”

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