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Audience Data Sessions Q&A with Lifesight

By: Tom Gregory, Lifesight

Tom Gregory, Country Manager of Australia & New Zealand, shares more information about Lifesight's mobile data audience solutions, and explains why brands should integrate mobile-location signals and ‘Phygital’ based audience behaviours into omnichannel consumer targeting strategies to achieve campaign success.  

Lifesight is described as a real-world data and analytics business, can you share more information about your business?

That’s right, Lifesight is a data and analytics business. We solve business problems with our data and technology products. Lifesight data and technology powers audience data, attribution, planning tools and data enrichment solutions for businesses. The quality control aspect of Lifesight’s data products, our commitment to transparency and platform integrations with partners like Eyeota have facilitated rapid growth in recent years. We’re best known for our mobile location and mobility data related products, which include Lifesight’s audience and Online-to-Offline attribution products.


Why have you chosen to partner with Eyeota?

Eyeota is a globally trusted marketplace for audience data in the markets we operate in. We value Eyeota’s transparent and innovative approach to servicing the ecosystem with quality data solutions that marketers truly need. For example, Lifesight were one of the first mobile data vendors to be onboarded across most regional markets to service growing demand in non-cookie based audience data segments. We’re fortunate that we also have an excellent local team who we enjoy working with. I think having that human element in the service layer of a data or adtech business is really important. This is something I like to think Lifesight has in common with Eyeota. All of these things inspire trust and give us every confidence that Eyeota will continue to support Lifesight as we evolve and grow.


How are Lifesight audiences relevant for advertisers?

Lifesight combines consented opt-in online and offline behavioural data to build audience profiles and people based ID data solutions. With 500M+ unique device profiles across APAC, MENA and ANZ Lifesight processes and stores rich behavioural data-sets on large representative sections of the population.

Lifesight audiences are built using observed ‘Phygital’ audience behaviours. By ‘Phygital’ we mean behaviours that span both offline and online worlds. Location signals provide valuable offline behavioural data, and on-device activity provides insight into online behaviours. Location behaviour audiences are relevant for advertisers as they tell us where audiences shop, live and how and where they travel. Brands can target and activate based on an audience's real-world affinities, interests and whether they’re in-category or in-market prospects. By combining offline and online behavioural data sets we help advertisers further refine targeting. Feedback from advertisers is that well targeted campaigns using Lifesight audience segments deliver better results across different metrics whether online conversion metrics, video completion rates or exposed Footfall into store.


How should marketers best use Lifesight audiences?

Look at your target audience, where do they go, where do they live, how do they travel, where do they shop? Once we understand what a brand’s target audience profile looks like we can identify lookalike Lifesight Persona Audiences which are created using multiple offline and online behavioral data points.

As well as understanding what your audience does and where they go, understanding where your audience isn’t going, or shopping presents marketers with an opportunity to target an audience of in-category shoppers who currently do not visit their stores, restaurants or dealerships. Lifesight Brand and Category segments enable this type of targeting.

Lifesight can also help brands connect with ‘Lifestage’ audiences by analysing offline and online behaviours that indicate a consumer is transitioning between life stages such as upgrading their home or car, getting married or planning a family.

Thanks to integrations with platforms like Eyeota, marketers can seamlessly activate Lifesight segments in programmatic and social channels across all formats.


What are your data predictions for the rest of 2020 and coming into 2021?

In short, ‘Change’. Privacy-led change including the phasing out of 3rd party cookies and impact of Apple iOS privacy setting updates will be a constant this year and next. Seeing how the industry evolves is going to be really interesting. How will cookie based audience data products evolve? How will marketers strengthen their 1st party data capabilities and solve identity challenges to enable targeting and measurement going forward?

Without enhancing the 1st party data view with 2nd and 3rd party data sets brands will have a limited view of their 1st party data IDs. So I believe a big part of the 3rd data economy will shift to service, enhance, enrich 1st party data capabilities and also help brands/platforms resolve identity across different ad/martech platforms and devices.

Additionally, COVID19 has changed how we, as consumers, behave. In many categories consumer needs and how consumers evaluate products/brands have changed. In this time of global disruption brand loyalties are being challenged. 3rd party data sets will help brands to identify and reach at-risk audiences as well as target new audience opportunities. Despite the changes that lie ahead, data-driven addressable marketing will remain critical to marketing success in 20/21.

With Eyeota, Lifesight audiences are available in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, New Zealand, India, Vietnam and the Philippines for digital campaign activation on display, video mobile and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. For more information about Lifesight, connect with an audience specialist today at