The Data-Driven Marketers’ Guide to Targeting on Social Media

How to enhance social media marketing with audience data

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Social is now second only to search in digital advertising, and every additional channel provides new opportunities and challenges for marketers. Being able to accurately target social users based on their unique attributes and scale this process is key to success. However there are limitations to social channel data. Here we consider those limitations and what can be done.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • The Limitations of Social Channel Data: why social channel data on its own is not enough
  • What is Third-Party Data: how you can use third-party data in a post-cookie world
  • 4 Simple Steps to Better Social Marketing & Advertising: what can you do to develop more targeted audiences
  • How Eyeota Audiences for Social Media Marketing Can Help You:   how you can broaden your omnichannel reach for maximum social spend ROI

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