Eye On | Mother's Day Audience Playbook

Brands targeting online Mother’s Day audiences can optimize digital ad spending and influence buyers more effectively by integrating audience segments built with powerful consumer attitudes and behaviours.

With worldwide e-commerce exceeding $5 Trillion in 2022 and over half of Mother's Day gifts purchased online in recent years, make sure you are targeting your best audience this Mother's Day!

Identify, reach and engage the right online consumers - from jewelry purchasers to gift buyers to Mother's Day spenders - by integrating audience segments into your campaigns. Download our APAC, UK and US Mother's Day Audience Playbooks to discover the audience segments you need to reach consumers across display, mobile and social channels.

Psst... We've included a unique selection of BONUS segments in our audience playbooks: Eyeota’s proprietary analytics allows us to understand how different audience segments index highly with each other to uncover similar users across multiple data sets. These extra segments, that you might not have considered otherwise, could help you reach more of your desired target audience this Mother's Day.

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Source: eMarketer, 2021