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With the cancellation of in-person sports events and fans spending greater amounts of time spent at home in front of screens, many brands targeting pro sports audiences are shifting their focus and re-allocating budgets towards digital advertising.

Did you know? In the age of digital consumption, sports are also evolving to meet the requirements of their audiences: 11 million new consumers aged between 25 and 54 accessed the top five digital sports platforms between September 2019 and September 2020*.

Brands targeting Pro Sports audiences - from game spectators to sports merchandise buyers, from sports fans to olympics enthusiasts - can optimise digital ad spending and influence buyers more effectively by integrating audiences segments built with powerful consumer attitudes and behaviours into their campaigns. Download our Asia-Pacific, European and American Pro Sports Audience Playbooks below to discover the audience segments you need to reach consumers across display, mobile and social channels.

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*Source: Nielsen, 2021

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