Eye On | Playwire Audience Playbook

Playwire has exclusively represented publishers for digital ad sales and monetization for over 15 years.

Playwire's proprietary and award winning tech stack is directly integrated with each publisher website, including their Data Management Platform. Data has always been the cornerstone of their direct sales efforts on managed service campaigns, and they have a proven track record of delivering high performing audiences to their brand and agency partners. Online behavioral Data is collected directly via Playwire's proprietary DMP, integrated directly with code on page for each Publisher. All data is consented via their publishers and their proprietary CMP. For the first time in company history they are now in 2023 making their exclusive data available standalone for use across all platforms.

Discover Playwire addressable digital audience profiles to target your ideal customers by:

- Movers, Home Buyers, Sellers and Renters​​

- The full spectrum of Gaming Enthusiasts

- Specific TV Audiences

- Specific Movie Audiences​

- Sports Enthusiasts​

and many more!