Eye On | Mother's Day UK Audience Playbook

Discover the digital profiles to engage your best Mother's Day audiences on display, mobile and social channels.

Did you know? More than half of Mother's Day gifts are purchased online in the UK. Optimize digital ad spend by integrating audience profiles to target consumers this Mother's Day!

How can brands targeting UK Mother's Day audiences reach their best target customers and influence buyers more effectively?

From driving awareness to engaging consumers in-market, the Eyeota Mother's Day UK Audience Playbook has the personas and profiles you need to identify, reach and engage your target audience on display, mobile and social channels.

Discover addressable digital audience profiles to target your ideal customers such as:

- Mother's Day Celebrators

- Online Spenders

- Consumers Likely to Dine Out

- In-Market Retail Shoppers

- Buyers by Brand Affinity

and many more!

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