How to Target Back-to-School Shoppers

Discover the digital profiles to engage your best Back-to-School Audiences on display, mobile and social channels.

Whether it's one to one targeting or driving awareness at a massive scale, Eyeota's How to Target Back to School Audience Guide is the blueprint to power your advertising campaigns with back to school audiences from best in class data brands & partners.

Browse our selection of Back to School audiences segments built from behavioral, demographics, interests, intent, lifestyle and ownership insights. Activate our audience segments on all major demand-side and supply-side platforms to identify, reach and engage your best target customers on audio, connected TV, display, digital out-of-home, mobile and social channels

Discover addressable digital audience profiles to target your ideal customers such as:

- current and future students

- consumers interested in education

- parents

- buyers in-market for consumer electronics

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