Eye On | Travel Global Report

In-Depth Audience Data Strategies for Travel & Leisure Advertisers & Agencies

What can travel advertisers learn from Eyeota’s Eye On: Travel report?

  • The majority of travel-related audience data spending in 2018 came from four travel & leisure sub-sectors: Travel Agents & Booking Sites, Airlines, Hotels Resorts & Casinos and Tourism.
  • In 2018, travel agent & booking site brands spent over $3,000 per audience targeting campaign, while the top 10 airline advertisers (by annual data spend) spent over $10,000 per campaign.
  • 2H 2018 saw large increases in travel-related data spend, as Travel Agent & Booking Site advertisers peaked in Q3, representing the majority of data spend in the quarter.

The Eye On: Travel report is a must-read for travel & leisure brands as well as advertisers looking for new, more effective audience targeting strategies.


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