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Engage your best audiences on display, mobile and social channels with smrtr digital profiles

smrtr bridges the gap between companies that need more insight into their customers and markets, and companies that wish to commercialise their latent second-party data.

smrtr brings together rich transactional, behavioural, location, and geo-demographic datasets about Australian consumers to develop marketing performance products that our clients use to target and improve communication with their customers.

smrtr has developed powerful marketing performance audiences for a number of industries based on actual transactions, including auto, retail, property and many more verticals.

Download the smrtr Audience Playbook now to discover the addressable digital business and consumer audiences you need to drive awareness and engage online consumers.


Ready to activate?

With Eyeota, smrtr audiences are available in Australia for campaign activation across Amazon, digital display, mobile, and social platforms. Download the smrtr Audience Playbook and connect directly with Eyeota’s Audience Specialists to find out more at datadesk@eyeota.com.