Eye On | Retail Global Report

In-Depth Audience Data Strategies for Retail Advertisers & Agencies

What can marketers learn from Eyeota’s Eye On: Retail report?

  • The majority (51%) of global retail data spend in 2018 and Q1 2019 came from restaurants/food services (17%), home/garden  (17%), and apparel/footwear (17%) advertisers.


  • In Q4 2018, 24% of retail data spend came from Apparel & Footwear advertisers, up from 13% in Q3 2018, demonstrating that apparel & footwear purchases are expected to increase around the holidays.
  • In October 2018, 63% of shoppers were “deal hunting” for early deals* (i.e. online price comparison, coupons, etc.), and retail advertisers responded by focusing on Intent-based segments to reach those lower-funnel deal shoppers.
  • When comparing the demographic composition of two retail sub-sector audiences (Consumer Tech and Luxury shoppers) and one behavioral segment (Online-Preferred shoppers), similarities exist between those sub-sectors and online-preferred shoppers, perhaps confirming shifting consumer preferences and the impact that e-commerce has had on those retail sub-sectors.
The Eye On: Retail report is a must-read for retail brands as well as advertisers looking for new, more effective audience targeting strategies.

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