Eye On: Automotive Global Report

In-Depth Audience Data Strategies for Automotive Advertisers & Agencies

Auto continues to represent one of the largest contributors to global digital advertising and audience data spend.

In just the U.S, U.K. and Germany alone, auto advertisers are expected to spend nearly $20 billion (USD) on digital ads in 2019 (up 15% year-over-year), representing a 12.6% share of total digital ad spend in those countries.1

What can auto advertisers learn from Eyeota’s Eye On: Auto report?

  • Globally, automotive advertisers in 2018 spent 53% of their data budgets on Demographic segments (up from 40% in 2017).
  • Nearly all global auto-focused audience data spend comes from Non-Luxury Automotive advertisers (65%) and Luxury Vehicle advertisers (30%), the majority of which comes from ”tier 1” auto advertisers (i.e. manufacturers).

The Eye On: Auto report is a must-read for automotive brands as well as advertisers looking for new, more effective audience targeting strategies.

Download it now to learn more about how auto advertisers reach their target audiences.

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