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Engage your best audiences on display, mobile and social channels with Affinity Answers digital profiles

A leader in social-powered insights helping marketers identify and reach passionate fans to drive increased scale and return on ad spend

Affinity Answers is a marketing data science company specializing in delivering behavioral intelligence to customer-obsessed marketers.

Through the capture and analysis of billions of social engagements between 250MM people and 40k+ brands, Affinity Answers are able to deliver audiences that can accurately identify current and future purchase intent.

Download the Affinity Answers Audience Playbook to discover the addressable digital audiences you need to drive awareness and engage online consumers.

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Ready to activate?

With Eyeota, Affinity Answers audiences are available for campaign activation across digital display, mobile, and social. Download the Affinity Answers Audience Playbook and connect directly with Eyeota’s Audience Specialists to find out more at datadesk@eyeota.com.