Eye On | Adstra Audiences

With Eyeota activate Adstra audiences on display, mobile and social channels today!

Adstra data enables people-based digital marketing with ready to use deterministic and in-market/intent audience data, analytics, and insights.

Adstra offers a comprehensive suite of data and identity solutions for an unlimited number of use cases (e.g. Enterprise Identity Platform, Digital Audiences, and Acquisition and Data Monetization), and safe, compliant, and cost-efficient access to any form of data and identity that enable omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Download the Adstra Audience Playbook now to discover the addressable digital business and consumer audiences you need to drive awareness and engage online consumers.


Ready to activate?

With Eyeota, Adstra audiences are available in the US for campaign activation across Amazon, digital display, mobile, and social platforms. Download the Adstra Audience Playbook and connect directly with Eyeota’s Audience Specialists to find out more at datadesk@eyeota.com.