Eye On | Epsilon Transactional Audience Playbook

Epsilon is a top-ranked U.S. consumer database with insights into 250 million U.S. consumers, providing unparalleled coverage and breadth of consumer data.

In addition to the rich demographic, lifestyle and financial data, Epsilon Transactional is a multi-sourced, transactional database that is actionable at the individual level and enables you to identify and reach your most valuable audiences across all channels. Epsilon Transactional Audiences are exclusive to Epsilon and derived data sourced from credit and debit card transactions, encompassing over 130 million individuals and approximately $2.8 trillion in spend. This includes over 1,200 merchants and 60+ categories.

Download the Epsilon Transactional Audiences Audience Playbook now to discover the addressable digital business and consumer audiences you need to drive awareness and engage online consumers.