Eye On | D&B Educator Audiences by Market Data Retrieval (MDR)

For over 50 years, Dun & Bradstreet has connected brands to the education community.

D&B Market Data Retrieval (MDR) leads the industry in helping brands and marketers connect with educators by using proprietary hierarchy and linkage data. ​Dun & Bradstreet Educator Audiences by MDR enable advertisers to tap into this $1+ trillion market and target key decision-makers within the U.S. education sector across libraries, k-12 institutions, colleges, universities and more on digital channels.​

Discover Dun & Bradstreet Educator digital audience profiles to target your ideal customers by:

- Higher Education Administration Professionals

- Higher Education Liberal Arts Professors

- Higher Education Math & Science Professors

- K-12 Teachers by Concentration 

- K-12 Education Decisionmakers