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Why engaging passionate TV audiences can drive revenue for your brand.

By: Josh Raper

Guest blog by Josh Raper, VP of Marketing, Affinity Answers.

It's no surprise that streaming services are benefiting from huge subscription increases as the world seeks refuge in entertainment. 

Disney+ has been this year's MVP, consistently shattering predictions since its inception, quickly amassing an unprecedented 10 million subscribers in just one day. In March, the popular streaming service took its already impressive and beyond-expectations audience of 28.6 million and doubled it to an almost unimaginable 50 million subscribers. That's 50 million in 5 months. Affinity Answers was honored to be a part of the launch as Disney pushed 500MM impressions of media using Affinity Answers media audience segments

Streaming audience momentum doesn't just stop at Disney. Netflix almost doubled their new subscribers in Q1 2020, gaining an additional 15 million and shattering expectations. With original programming like Tiger King catching social media fire and scoring massive audiences, Netflix has not only defined the industry but continues to captivate with its original programming. HBO Now received a 40% increase in viewership times, almost doubling their previous number. And in response to its 57% increase in viewing sessions, streaming device maker VIZIO introduced 30 free 24-7 channels to all of its devices, encouraging its engaged audience to stay even longer.

This wealth of varied viewership provides ample opportunity for marketers. Binge-happy fans of Tiger King, Ozark, Friends, and every other top streaming show flock to social media to go behind the scenes, find out spoilers, and feel like they are part of the conversation. Leveraging this increase in social media engagement by passionate TV consumers can also help brands to optimise their audience targeting across programmatic and social advertising campaigns. 

For Gaming
Console brands can leverage audience interest in Sci-Fi to launch a new, intergalactic game by targeting an audience interested in the Disney+ show The Mandalorian: Affinity Answers - TV - Interest - Disney+- The Mandalorian

For Auto
Car brands who want to target outdoorsy car enthusiasts, with just a side of humor, can engage active viewers of Amazon Prime's The Grand Tour: Affinity Answers - TV - Interest - Amazon Prime Video- The Grand Tour

For Digital TV Services
Streaming brands can continue to drive more subscriptions for their hottest shows by activating a campaign to target the biggest fans of streaming: Affinity Answers - Intent - Streaming Services

Activating affinity-based audiences enables marketers to tap into the hottest trends and topical interests of passionate consumers, and to place their brand front and center

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