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Why data quality and transparency matters

We recently hosted a discussion session on “Why data quality and transparency matters” with the IAB Tech Lab and Neutronian

The session certainly presented some interesting perspectives on how our industry is approaching data quality and transparency. Here are my top 3 takeaways from the discussion:

  1. We as representatives of our industry, from both a buyer and supplier perspective, understand the importance and need for data quality but realise it is currently in its formative phase. Quality in digital marketing has been traditionally defined as data tied to media to deliver campaign performance. We’re now looking at a new approach to quality that is built into the source and methodology of the data supplied to the market. 

  2. Transparency in data also needs to be held to the same standard and approach as quality. Data transparency is already an important factor for buyers when it comes to methodologies but this will become even more of a standardized requirement as we transition away from a reliance on third-party cookies and move to new forms of digital identifiers. 

  3. The definers of data quality and transparency drove some conflicting arguments. Buyers feel they need to have their own defining variables and markers for data quality and do not want to just follow what suppliers dictate. In contrast, suppliers are actively looking to buyers to influence the definition of quality by being more transparent with data performance. Up until now, suppliers have taken the steer on quality and transparency in order to fulfil buyers’ needs for visibility on data sources and methodologies. The majority of the room agreed that there is an opportunity for both buyers and suppliers to collaborate to dictate and define data quality and transparency in the long-term and ultimately mutually benefit from this new approach to data.

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