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Say Hello to Our New Taxonomy

By: Eyeota


As part of our commitment to make data make sense, we recently launched a new Eyeota Taxonomy. We implemented changes based on our client’s feedback and created all-new, performance-based audience segments that are aligned to industry verticals and are more relevant to buyers and their customers.

How is the Eyeota Taxonomy now organized?

The taxonomy is defined by a set of underlying principles which are complete, consistent and unambiguous.

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How the changes will help you

Having listened to our clients feedback, we have now organized our segments according to how marketers and agencies search, browse and buy. Our new taxonomy provides for greater discoverability; has been structured for better understanding of audiences; and consists of segments that are more relevant to you and your clients. 

The top 5 benefits to you:

  • Consistent naming of segments designed to deliver a streamlined taxonomy
  • Organized into verticals that match industry standards across all major platforms
  • Removal of duplicate and underperforming segments
  • Reclassification of purpose, including Intent and Interest signals
  • One global taxonomy with country-specific taxonomies on request

What’s next?

We will add segments and further granularity to the taxonomy throughout 2019 as we integrate new data sources and further advance our work on how we organize and structure data. We will also continue to listen to our clients feedback and incorporate their feedback into our products and solutions.

If you want to know more about the Eyeota Taxonomy and receive the best audience recommendations to help you achieve your data goals, please get in touch with our Audience Specialists. You can also request our full taxonomy guide from them.

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