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The Marketing Funnel Is Now Audience-Shaped

By: Eyeota


You may have noticed that Eyeota has a brand-new look. It's bolder, fresher and brighter than ever before but most importantly, it now better reflects our focus on audiences and how we are uniquely set up to help marketers and data owners understand their audiences better.

Our rebrand coincides with our 8th anniversary so it's been a period of reflection about what has changed in the industry and how Eyeota has evolved over that time.  As a team, we came to the realization that our brand promise is to make data make sense. We know that we are operating in a complex, data-driven world and our data experts can work closely with our partners to clarify their data opportunities, whether it be for audience data for digital advertising, insights on audiences, research enhancement, bringing offline data online, distribution of data in a controlled manner … the list of possibilities goes on and on.  And those endless possibilities make data so exciting.

Our pledge comes at a time when the digital marketing landscape is more complicated than ever before. It's possible that some of us feel like we are drowning in data and how we use all this data to make intelligent decisions that will drive results.

It certainly feels like consumers are more informed and technologically savvy than ever before, so a solid understanding of what impact digital advertising has at every step of the customer buying journey is crucial. The customer is now firmly in control and generating data across multiple devices at hundreds of touch points.

As marketers, we have to remember amongst all this clutter and noise, the basic fundamentals of advertising hold true -  we are simply trying to reach an audience with a relevant message, through a relevant channel at a relevant time.

But one thing for certain is changing  - it’s no longer a simple funnel where a consumer moves from consideration to intent to purchase.  You can have impulse buyers, long-term researchers, constant comparers, brand switchers, no two consumers behave the same way. Some consumers can make buying decisions in a matter of minutes or hours whilst others may take months to get their credit card out for the same product or service.

The journey does not stop after the purchase has been made, for example, someone booking a flight triggers waves of other potential purchases  - car rental, insurance, luggage, healthcare, attraction tickets, restaurant bookings and clothing. The funnel will ebb and flow until well after the trip is completed. Audience insights and data can help brands be there at each touch point and it’s these brands that will thrive in the future.

The funnel is one of the many things that has changed for good in the last 8 years but the need to thoroughly understand your audience has intensified. Every year we see the increased possibilities of what can be achieved through the thoughtful application of data; however, with that comes the greater challenge of how we can make sense of all this data. We are now refocused for the years ahead and finding ways to reach audiences through digital TV, apps, wearables, voice assistants and VR.  Who knows what the must-have personal tech device will be in 2026 but I can’t wait to find out.



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