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Deliver Political Campaigns With Precision

By: Charlie Swift,

Guest blog by Charlie Swift, EVP – Head of Marketing and Account Management, Adstra.

Political discourse is more active than ever.


Facing the monumental 2020 Presidential election, and attention to political policy in relation to the COVID-19 recovery, has consumers  leaning into the conversation and paying close attention to what politicians are saying. Engagement is stronger and more spirited than ever - whether it is attending a campaign rally (in person or virtually), signing a petition, engaging in social media or donating towards a cause you believe in, politics play a major role in everyday life.  

In these unprecedented times, we look to our elected officials for guidance and support, and voices are heard loud and clear, both for and against. 

No matter the topic - whether it is dealing with vaccines, debating how to reopen the economy, shifting party stances on important issues, supporting small businesses, determining the proper use of tax dollars or the logistics of how to redeem a stimulus check -  individuals from all backgrounds are turning to  digital sources to educate and inform their decisions. 

As advertisers look to reach consumers in these challenging times, they are uniquely positioned to reach them through a variety of segments and channels. More importantly, they will have access to consumers they were not able to previously reach.

Adstra is excited to offer their Political Precision audiences through a unique partnership with Eyeota. This will allow advertisers to identify the right individuals, on the right issues, and at the right time and context. 

Adstra's Political Precision audiences consists of real-world data that is fact-based, deterministic and location-centered:

  • Powered by Aristotle, the leader in political data. Aristotle is both data and party agnostic and has successfully served many of the largest political campaigns, PACs, and grassroots organizations across the country.
  • 99% coverage of all registered voters in the US (20% more than the competition). 

  • Sourced from over 4,000 election boards / county clerks / board of registrar offices /donor data from state disclosure filings
  • Key audience segments include: Political Affiliation by Party, Issues & Causes by Type, Voters by Demographic Attributes, Election Return Data, Social profiles, plus Custom segments on demand. 

With Eyeota, Adstra Political audiences are available for campaign activation across digital display, video and social networking channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter. Download the Adstra Political audience guide and connect directly with Eyeota's Audience Specialists to find out more at

Download the guide