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How to engage with Undecided Voters

By: Derek Klimkowski, VP of Agency Sales

According to research by Vox, a growing percentage of U.S. voters are self-identifying as “undecided”*. With the 2020 US Presidential Election date drawing closer, brands and advertisers vying for the attention of voters yet to decide on their political affiliations can use data to deepen their understanding of this unique audience type. 

Who are Undecided Voters?

Eyeota’s proprietary audience analytics allows us to understand how different audience segments share similar traits (i.e. high overlap of users) or are different (i.e. low overlap of users). For this report, we analyzed Eyeota’s Age, Gender and Life-stage segments against a variety of party agnostic undecided voter segments within the Eyeota Audience Marketplace, that include Conservative Prospective Voters, Liberal Prospective Voters, and Informed But Undecided. Based on our analysis, we have identified that Undecided Voters have a high overlap with consumer life-stages, that include:

  • Education Seekers searching for further, higher and university level education opportunities
  • New Movers adjusting to a new area, district or state.
  • New Parents considering medical support and school systems.
  • Newly Married impacted by tax implications and differing political views to their partner.
  • Retirement planners concerned with pension and state benefits.

How can brands and advertisers use this insight to optimize political campaigns?

Roughly 60 to 70% of political campaign dollars is estimated to be spent within the last ten weeks leading up to the election* with a significant amount of investment focused on engaging with voters on digital and social media due to pandemic restrictions. Fundraisers, political parties and charitable causes should consider integrating life-stage audience segments into their advertising campaign targeting to enhance engagement with Undecided Voters on digital display, video and social channels. Sample life-stage audience segments include:

  • Eyeota - Demo - Life Events - Education Seekers
  • Eyeota - Demo - Life Events - New Movers
  • Eyeota - Demo - Life Events - New Parents
  • Eyeota - Demo - Life Events - Newly Married
  • Eyeota - Demo - Life Events - Retirement Planners

Identify, reach and engage the right voters during this critical pre-election period.

Eyeota has a variety of solutions that enable brands and advertisers to interact with the right target audiences on digital display, video and social channels. Boost campaign performance by integrating audience segments such as Political Affiliation by PartyIssues & Causes by TypeVoters by Demographic AttributesElection Return Data from leading data providers including Adstra, Affinity Solutions, Alliant, Experian and more.

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