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Eyeota Teams with Nativo to Infuse Global Audience Data into Native Advertising Technology Platform

By: Eyeota

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Eyeota and Nativo, the leading native advertising technology platform, today announced a partnership to enable premium publishers, brand marketers and agencies to leverage audience data to optimize and strengthen native and content advertising campaigns across a global footprint of supply.


 Today’s consumers are inundated with irrelevant and off-topic advertising experiences, turning them against certain brands and driving them away from certain websites. The integration of Eyeota’s data in the Nativo platform allows publishers, marketers and advertisers to apply Eyeota’s extensive audience profiles and create more compelling and even more relevant online experiences for consumers. Eyeota audience data covers user preferences and interests across a range of topics, including technology, health & wellness, finance, B2B, social media, politics, among others, and is now available to customers through the Nativo platform.

“The accelerated adoption of native advertising demands increasingly sophisticated and robust targeting capabilities to ensure persistent relevance to global customers,” said
Justin Choi, CEO at Nativo. “Through our partnership, brands will now reap the benefits of significantly increased content-to-conversion by reaching more relevant consumers with our proven native executions.”

“Nativo’s platform delivers a proven solution for marketers and advertisers to serve relevant branded content and ads to consumers,” said
Kevin Tan, CEO, Eyeota. “Adding an audience data layer to their marketing strategy helps them improve their understanding of customers and their interests. Our partnership creates an opportunity for brands to deliver more targeted and engaging content to the right audiences.”

Nativo is the leading advertising technology platform for brand advertisers and publishers to scale, automate and measure native ads. By eschewing traditional display ad experiences that pull consumers from the editorial well and send them to a branded landing page, Nativo’s flagship native execution called True Native sees significantly lower bounce rates and boasts an average of 90 seconds spent on its branded articles. Additionally, Nativo advertisers have seen up to a 13x lift in brand awareness, a 6.4x lift in purchase consideration, and a 5.4x lift in purchase intent.

For more information on available data segments, visit the Eyeota Data Desk.

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