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Equifax Data-Driven Marketing Digital Customer Insights Now Available Through the Eyeota Audience Marketplace

By: Eyeota


Relevant, estimated data on household economics helps marketers to target the best online audiences at scale

Equifax Data-driven Marketing, the marketing data, analytics and technology solutions capability of Equifax Inc. (NYSE: EFX), today announced a collaborative relationship with audience technology platform Eyeota. This expanded relationship makes Equifax DDM’s digital consumer segments now available through the Eyeota Audience Marketplace under the IXI Digital label. 

Eyeota provides an extensive database of more than four billion consumer audience profiles, and the company’s onboarding capabilities let marketers link offline and online data to create audience segments for insights and activation. Now, with the addition of Equifax DDM’s relevant, estimated data on household economics—wealth, income, spending, credit, plus lifestyles and preferences—marketers can enhance audience segmentation to target the best online audiences with scale and find consumers with strong affinities for particular brands, products or services. 

Equifax DDM segments will be available for digital targeting as standalone audiences, allowing clients to take intelligent actions from the valuable data-based insights. Eyeota will also explore utilizing the Equifax DDM data in myriad other ways to help empower clients in optimizing their marketing spend.  

“Marketers need help harnessing the power of data so they can build a clear understanding of their customers and prospects,” said Jeff Sporn, chief digital officer at Equifax Data-driven Marketing. “Equifax DDM’s unique and diverse data assets will produce more robust audiences and provide marketers on the Eyeota platform the ability to act on critical insights they need to drive marketing decisions and weave them into the fabric of the optimal omnichannel customer experiences.”

“Equifax DDM’s robust data set and global capabilities makes them an excellent long-term strategic partner for Eyeota as we look to strengthen our global financial service and demographic products,” said Howard Luks, managing director of Americas and SVP global platforms at Eyeota. “Our success in launching in three diverse regions—Australia, U.K., and now the U.S.—is a clear testament to the local expertise gleaned from our partners. We look forward to growing our global partnerships to additional markets this year and beyond.”

Partnering with Eyeota also highlights both companies’ focus on providing data with integrity. Likewise, Eyeota’s unique heuristic methodology ensures offline data is activated in a privacy-compliant, scalable and globally consistent manner, with no personally identifiable information shared. 

Equifax DDM aligns the company's data assets, analytics, technology and integrated marketing capabilities to solve key challenges for marketing executives and serves more than 300 customers across the financial, insurance, telecommunications, travel and other industries. Visit the Equifax DDM website to learn more