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Audience Data Sessions Q&A with Stirista

By: Blaine Britten, VP of Data Solutions at Stirista

Headshot Blaine Britten from Stirista

Q&A with Blaine Britten, VP of Data Solutions, who explains the benefits of using offline and online data to gain a more holistic view of your target audience and the opportunities for brands and marketers using data in 2021.

Can you introduce yourself, your role and responsibilities?

My name is Blaine Britten, I am the VP of Data Solutions at Stirista. I have been with Stirista for 6 years and have worked with Eyeota for 5+ of those years. My role is to ensure our vast repository of audience segments is always up-to-date and available to brands and advertisers across any channel. Our emphasis is on data that fuels email, programmatic, and CTV. 


Stirista is described as a comprehensive marketing solutions company, can you share more information about your business?

Stirista is a San Antonio-based company that takes a data-first approach to solving our clients’ toughest marketing challenges. Our unique combination of niche data sets, first-rate campaign execution capabilities, and proven IT infrastructure have garnered numerous industry awards, coverage from top-tier publications, and, most importantly, campaign ROIs in the triple digits.  

We’ve always taken the position that our data is made stronger when we are able to put it to the test in driving results on behalf of our clients. Most data providers don’t offer comprehensive marketing solutions including email, CTV, and programmatic. As a result, most data companies are missing out on critical feedback that would allow them to optimize their audience segmentation to focus on getting their message to the right audience.

Stirista utilizes its campaign feedback to improve data quality. For example, Stirista sends over 2 billion emails a year, owns a DSP that captures rich exhaust data, and leverages those campaign results to strengthen the data and remove inactive users. Our data is fresher, richer, and more up-to-date than anything else in the marketplace. 


Why have you chosen to partner with Eyeota?

Eyeota is a trusted audience technology platform that we have been working with since the early days of Eyeota in the US. We are a big fan of Kristina Prokop’s vision for the industry and the company. Our mutual prioritization of data quality makes for a great partnership to improve trust in the digital data ecosystem.

Since we began working with Eyeota, we have seen significant expansion in the U.S. market and have had the added benefit of reaching a larger number of marketers.

The Eyeota team has been wonderful to work with to ensure we are providing advertisers with the exact audience they want on a custom basis rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We are proud to align ourselves with a company that shares our passion for customer service and rapid response.


How are Stirista audiences relevant for brands and advertisers?

The Stirista collection of segments offers the largest variety of campaign-verified audiences that helps marketers accomplish their goals - from B2B to political to consumer behavior.

Stirista can create custom audiences based on any of our data segments including B2B, social, online activity, purchase indicators, and technology. We can also generate lookalike models based on a client's file of current customers by matching it to our B2C database and determining key attributes used for audience expansion.

We can also create niche, custom audiences of individuals following specific handles on social media that can be used for competitive conquesting or complementary marketing.


How should marketers best use Stirista audiences?

When marketers need to go beyond the basic demographic selections, we offer a comprehensive mix of audience segmentation to help marketers reach their audience. Demographic accuracy is table stakes for a data provider (or at least should be); we want marketers to go beyond that and make their message resonate with the most relevant audience.

One unique benefit of our data offering is StiristaLink. With this product, we have mapped the majority of our business emails to a person-level consumer email so that we can programmatically target businesses as if they were another consumer segment.


What are the data opportunities for brands in 2021?

Stirista’s Fusion program brings brands with unique data assets that they are not currently monetizing into a marketplace for buyers. The partnership program removes the barriers of digital monetization, overcoming the complexity of building a taxonomy, as well as providing the resources required to manage various platforms and marketplaces.

In just over six months, we’ve already helped both major brands and data power players extend their reach and linking capabilities with effective digital distribution as a strong component of their omnichannel marketing initiatives, giving them access to a marketplace for buyers. 

Stirista’s Fusion Partner program enables a more complete, holistic view of customers based on both digital and offline profiles and behaviors – which ultimately allows them to build, optimize and monetize their digital brand. One of our main goals is to transform complex, unique datasets into comprehensive, meaningful taxonomies that allow advertisers to segment their target audience in new and creative ways.


With Eyeota, Stirista audiences are available in the US for omnichannel campaign activation on display, mobile and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. For more information about Stirista, connect with an audience specialist today at