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Audience Data Sessions Q&A with Global Data Resources

By: Per Kristian Tandberg, Managing Director at GDR

Per Tandberg GDR

We speak to Per Kristian Tandberg, Managing Director at Global Data Resources, about the importance of data privacy, GDR's extensive global neighborhood data and some key opportunities for brands using data in 2021.


Per’s role is to drive Global Data Resources’ international expansion. Per holds a master’s degree in Business & Economics, and he has been working in the digital marketing space for more than 20 years, where he lives his passion for game-changing technologies. Per has built up, scaled, and sold several companies to global players in the online world.


Global Data Resources is described as a leader in advanced insight-driven marketing, can you share more information about your business?

Global Data Resources (or GDR) is built on a simple vision: we want to provide marketeers and advertisers with safe and efficient online targeting without the use of private data. We use offline GDPR-safe neighborhood data to classify the full population in 15 major markets covering 750 million+ people. Our dynamic cluster algorithm and data partnerships allow us to safely and efficiently predict social-demographics and relevant consumer consumption patterns safely and efficiently.   


Why have you chosen to partner with Eyeota?

For a series of reasons, but most notably the Eyeota quality control and reach. We were impressed by the Eyeota team’s dedication to data quality. Our dynamic cluster algorithm is based on data from over 47 million neighborhoods globally, so we were looking for a partner with high quality standards and global reach. Eyeota gave us just that.


How are GDR audiences relevant for brands and advertisers?

With our data partners we can help advertisers get reach as well as social, demographic, interest, and purchase intent. We are used by big EMEA brands in automobile, travel, betting, retail, real estate, entertainment, and many others. Our methods often allow brands and agencies to get the reach they are looking for in larger campaigns.


How should marketers best use GDR audiences?

Many of the requests we get are for reach and to link online advertising to CRM data for actual results beyond clicks and engagement. Our model, approach, and partnerships allow clients to segment customers into meaningful profiles, map the profiles to the CRM data, and use the segments in true digital omnichannel. Campaign results can then be evaluated on what kind of new clients the campaign attracted and not just on click rates.


What are the data opportunities for brands in 2021?

a) The market is moving towards targeting with consent and/or targeting solutions without cookies or IDs. Most brands today want a simple thing such as digital omnichannel targeting, where the same audiences can be reached on all digital marketing channels from display, in-app, video, social media and connected TV. Very few data partners can do that. But with our dynamic cluster algorithm segmenting and profiling 47 million+ neighborhoods in 15 major markets and covering +750 million people, we can actually provide this. And without private data in the product.

b) Using data partners and providers that respect the user’s privacy is another trend that will strengthen in 2021. The slow death of cookies will see many new, innovative and respectful ways to help brands communicate with the right audience.


With Eyeota, GDR Audiences are available in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States for digital campaign activation on display, video and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. For more information about GDR, connect with an audience specialist today at