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Audience Data Sessions: Q&A with Global Data Resources

By: Per Kristian Tandberg, Managing Director of Global Data Resources


Can you introduce yourself and your audience solutions? 


My name is Per Kristian Tandberg and I am the Managing Director at Global Data Resources (GDR). I hold a master’s degree in Business & Economics and it is my role to drive Global Data Resources’ international expansion. I have been working in areas of the digital advertising industry for 25+ years and live out my passion for game-changing technologies.

GDR is a global privacy pioneer in digital advertising. We classify the full population in all significant markets without collecting individual data and guarantee brand-critical data privacy.

Together with influential partners like Eyeota, we give advertisers, agencies, and publishers easy access to enrich their campaign data and strategy with new consumer lifestyle research & geo data.

We offer consumer classification data and interest data for 35 markets, covering +750M people across EMEA, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

Get to know us:



Why have you partnered with Eyeota?

We highly appreciate our long-term partnership with Eyeota who is dedicated to creating new value for every player in digital advertising. We are thrilled that our partnership with Eyeota has welcomed the GDR-Kantar TGI activation solution to keep providing our joint clients with the very best of actionable global consumer research data.

Working with high-quality partners is central to our success, and collaborating with Eyeota is a good match with our company values of data ethics, privacy, and online omnichannel.


In which markets do you operate?

Our groundwork is built around an open, dynamic cluster algorithm. This allows our clients in 35 global markets to predict geographic hotspots on interests and social demographic characteristics for online targeting. No private data is allowed in the model. The whole setup is built to ensure complete protection of user privacy.

In Germany, as an example, we have 1,689,461 neighborhoods, and in the UK, we have 1,570,372.


Can you discuss the importance of audience data in today’s digital advertising landscape?

Audience data is crucial for advertisers to effectively target and engage with their desired audience. By understanding the demographics, interests, behaviors, and needs of their target audience, advertisers can create personalized and relevant ads that are more likely to resonate with their target audience.

Audience data also helps advertisers to optimize their campaigns by providing insights into which ads are performing well and which ones aren’t. This allows advertisers to adjust their campaigns in real-time to improve their performance and maximize their ROI.

In addition, audience data can help advertisers to identify new opportunities for growth and expansion. By analyzing their existing audience data, advertisers can identify new segments or niches that they can target with their campaigns, allowing them to reach new customers and increase their revenue.

Overall, audience data is essential for advertisers in today’s digital advertising landscape as it enables them to create more effective, targeted, and personalized campaigns that deliver better results.


How can businesses leverage data to improve advertising strategies?​

In general, targeted ads are more likely to resonate with their audience.

By using GDR’s privacy-safe customer data businesses can create personalized ads to improve engagement and conversion rates. Personalized ads can be tailored to preferences and interests, making them more relevant and compelling.

This can help businesses maximize their return on investment (ROI) and reach their target audience more effectively.

It’s well-known that consumers increasingly expect brands to deliver personalized ad experiences. By leveraging data, businesses can better research/understand consumers on multiple levels and implement advertising strategies for relevant messages on relevant channels.

Using data to gain insights into the target audience allows brands to create comprehensive, future-proof profiles. By working with data providers like Eyeota and GDR, teams across the business (silo-free) can share unique audiences and identify what messages will enhance their ad performance with relevant reach.

Overall, leveraging data can help businesses make more informed decisions about their digital advertising strategies, leading to improved ROI and better results.


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