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Audience Data Sessions Q&A with DBM Atlas

By: Chris Riquier, DBM Atlas

We speak to Chris Riquier, CEO International of Illuminera, the parent company of DBM, who is responsible for the group’s growth across the APAC region including new geographies and the expansion of DBM Atlas Digital Audiences with Eyeota.


DBM is described as a data-empowered consultancy, can you share more information about your business?


DBM works with the majority of Australia’s financial institutions, insurers and wealth managers to build and enhance customer experiences. Our ‘data-empowered consulting’ philosophy utilising our award-winning DBM Atlas dataset has helped these businesses make effective marketing and strategy decisions for over 25 years.

Until recently, the DBM offer was primarily focussed on performance measurement and strategy development. However, the realisation that we were sitting on Australia’s biggest financial services dataset prompted us to look for ways in which we could enhance the activation of marketing strategies we were assisting our clients to develop.


Why have you chosen to partner with Eyeota?

One of our key goals at DBM is to help financial institutions engage with the richness of our DBM Atlas dataset and insights across as many aspects of their organisation as possible. Eyeota’s partnership has helped us do this and more – together establishing Australia’s first and only digital audience set powered by a dedicated financial services customer ecosystem. This has and will continue to help our financial clients target and acquire the most valuable customers with more accuracy than ever before.


How are DBM audiences relevant for advertisers?

DBM Atlas audiences have been developed from a dedicated dataset which is the financial services industry currency for attitudes, behaviour and performance measurement.  Over 50 major financial services brands now rely on DBM Atlas for performance measurement.

The true value of the DBM Atlas dataset lies in its ability to generate almost any audience profile across the full spectrum of financial services categories. With budgets further restricted by the COVID inflicted economic environment, the ability to create highly targeted audiences delivers the opportunity for significantly enhanced ROI versus traditional targeting.


How should marketers best use DBM audiences?

While DBM Atlas offers a wide range of ready to use audiences covering product holdings and intent for most financial services categories, we recommend advertisers engage with a DBM Atlas expert who can recommend an existing or custom designed audience which best matches your target segments to ensure maximum engagement and conversion.


What are your data predictions for 2021?

Often the true value of data emerges not when things are going well, but in the most challenging of times.

While 2020 has turned lives and business upside down, the economy must live on and DBM is focussed on getting our clients through the current downturn. Data which integrates the learnings of 2020 is fundamental to this. 

DBM data scientists have worked extensively to understand the attitudinal and behavioural impact of COVID on consumers and business. Through this analysis we have developed segments and audiences which allow clients to target consumers at the right point when they return to the market or switching propensity elevates.

It is only through the constant, weekly monitoring of live data that we are able to ensure clients can respond quickly to the rapidly changing financial services environment.

With Eyeota, DBM Atlas audiences are available in Australia for omnichannel campaign activation on display, mobile and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. For more information about DBM Atlas, connect with an audience specialist today at