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Eyeota Creates Enriched First-Party Data Strategy to Help Auto Brand Find In-Market Consumers on Facebook

Eyeota partnered with identity-based planning and buying platform, to build custom segments for auto brand and improve digital campaign performance in the Australian market

The Challenge

An auto brand was planning to launch a new SUV and wanted to find new ways to specifically reach Facebook users intending to purchase SUV cars. They had used Facebook’s native user targeting capabilities in the past, but found they were not effective for identifying consumers who were already in-market.

The auto brand turned to Eyeota to leverage their partnership to combine their first-party data with Eyeota audiences to reach the right target consumers on Facebook for their new SUV.

The Solution

Within the platform, the auto brand’s first-party data worked with the Eyeota audiences to build a custom audience profile of in-market auto intenders specifically interested in SUVs.

Then, the brand ran multiple video campaigns on Facebook to test the new targeting strategy. One campaign targeted users using the enriched audience profile and the rest of the campaigns used native Facebook user targeting data.

The Results

The enriched audience profile powered by the auto brand’s first-party data and Eyeota audience data was the clear winner of the head-to-head campaign test.

Higher View Rate The campaign using Eyeota’s custom segment saw a 33% view rate, while the campaign using Facebook’s native targeting solution had a 20-25% view rate.

1.5x CTR (4)

Lower Cost per Click (CPC) The CPC for the campaign leveraging the Eyeota segment was just 75 cents. The average CPC for the native Facebook campaign was $1.75.

Higher Click through Rate (CTR) The campaigns powered by the Eyeota segment saw a 4% CTR. The average CTR for the campaigns using Facebook’s native targeting was under 1.5%.

As brands look for new ways to use data to reach their target audience , Eyeota's success with the auto brand highlights that enriching first-party data with qualified third-party audiences in a secure platform environment can create more opportunities to connect with prospects.

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