How COVID-19 is changing the way we browse, share and buy.



Eyeota Audience Data Session: ShareThis

The coronavirus pandemic has led to dramatic changes in consumer activity. Consumers are spending even more time online searching, sharing, and buying. Tracking this behavior in real-time is providing powerful intelligence as to what the immediate needs are for consumers and also delivers a future-looking view of the categories that may see an increase in consumer spending as restrictions are gradually lifted.
Hosted by Jane Aull from Eyeota, with Matt Palmaccio and Nick Bucci from ShareThis, this episode of the Eyeota Audience Data Session will show:
  • The top verticals and interest categories in greater demand from online consumers.
  • What consumers’ searching and sharing activity are indicating about spend once restrictions are lifted. 
  • How brands and marketers can use this real-time, sharing insight data to connect with their most valuable audiences right now and in the future.

Watch the 15-min session here:


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