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Quality, future-proof data for digital consumer targeting is possible with Eyeota

If you are seeking audience data solutions that are addressable, interoperable and certified for quality and compliance, Eyeota can help.

We've envisioned a cookieless landscape, and know that the ability to access and implement high-quality, audience data for targeting will be critical for agencies and advertisers in the months and years ahead.

Eyeota is the leading global provider of audiences for insights, personalization and targeting, removing the barriers caused by data silos and integrating across all verticals, digital channels and categories.

We provide seamless, consistent data delivery for advertisers and agencies, regardless of geographic location, industry, platform, or network.

Eyeota Audiences

Categorized by verticals, consumer lifestyles and seasonal events.

Arts and Sciences
B 2 B
Consumer Electronics
Health and Fitness
Holiday and Events
Home and Garden
Real Estate

Classified by the traits and personas that influence the consumers' path to purchase

Past Purchase or Purchased
Product Owners
Socio Demographic
Data Desk

Connect with our Audience Specialists and get an audience targeting plan for your next campaign.

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Our clients need data that is agnostic and sustainable, spanning the wealth of alternative IDs available and anonymizing for full interoperability. Eyeota brings those capabilities to the table, creating complete suites of audience profiles that are designed to meet the varied demands of multiple advertising channels and industry verticals.

We act as a comprehensive data partner, tailoring data access platforms for targeted marketing, based on each campaign's unique requirements.

Eyeota’s ID Agnostic Technology powers flexible, addressable, and privacy-conscious audience solutions for digital marketing and advertising.

Interoperable: We enable our customers to onboard, enrich and activate data in their platform of choice.

Agnostic: We have an ID agnostic approach to identity and can ingest any online ID (first-party, mobile, deterministic, cohort, contextual and universal IDs) or offline key at a global scale.

Accessible: We ensure our customers have continued access to solutions regardless of the changes within our industry.

Why Eyeota?

Eyeota stands out in the data marketplace thanks to five distinct differentiators, including:

A global presence

For the Americas and Europe, to the Middle-East, Asia, and Oceania, Eyeota works with demand-side platforms, data management platforms and social channels to deliver the largest selection of addressable solutions in the world. Our advertising and agency partners gain access to data compiled from 75 premium branded sources.

With Eyeota, you can access and activate 50,000 consumer profiles and persona segments spanning 30+ vertical and seasonal targeting categories. The Eyeota Audience marketplace delivers targeted data cohorts from our massive database of current, segmented audience profiles.

This allows each demographic to be specifically targeted on demand, with audiences that have been tailored to your existing consumer markets. Simultaneously, you can leverage analysis of your current audiences to drive the development of similar audience segments for new campaigns and product ideation.

Data designed for a cookieless future

Eyeota's bespoke audience creation process leverages technology powered by sustainable, alternative IDs for data solutions that remain flexible as the data landscape continues to evolve. Nearly two years have gone into the process of creating a stable infrastructure that isn't dependent on cookies alone, and future-proofing our data solutions.

Our audiences are and will remain both flexible and interoperable across channels, devices and environments. Multiple IDs being leveraged include IPs, connected TVs, mobile data, and more, keeping your agency ahead of the curve and providing your clients with the stability and peace of mind they demand.

Our data is compliant with data protection legislations like the GDPR, which was quickly followed by regulatory upheaval across the globe. You can rest assured that all Eyeota data has been globally qualified by independent authorities, and proceed with confidence to use it for analytics, personalization and activation of customer audiences.

Access to major brands

The Eyeota Marketplace delivers unprecedented access to brands like Experian, Mastercard, Amazon, and more. The sheer enormity of the datasets involved makes it possible to drill down and create tightly micro-segmented audiences, making each campaign more likely to succeed and enhancing potential ROI.

This vast array of rich data sources includes specific socio-demographic profiles and real-world, offline-generated behaviors. You gain access not just to hard historical data like past-purchase behaviours and predictive analytics like intent signaling, but additional data such as brand affinities, lifestyle interests and social sharing for a 360, holistic view of your most desirable demographics.

This comprehensive knowledge of your core audiences can be used to drive the required analytics for campaign creation, AB testing, and metrics, helping you deliver enhanced results. Best of all, the data you're utilizing won't become obsolete – it's fully supported by Eyeota's future-proofing strategy.

Accessible anywhere

No matter what platform you are currently using, or which parameters you need your data to conform to, Eyeota is ready. Integration processes have been refined and optimized to be as rapid and intuitive as possible. You'll be able to access the data you need, when and where you need it, in formats that are familiar and conducive to immediate rollout in the advertising platform of your choice.

This distribution accessibility and agility is a core part of what sets Eyeota apart as a true data partner. Our advertisers and agencies know they can count on us to deliver the right data at the right time and in the right format, making it easy to access and build tailored audiences that facilitate streamlined, easy, and near-instantaneous campaign deployment.

Support you can count on

Eyeota's customer service is unparalleled, delivering agency and advertiser support that is agnostic, balanced, and dedicated. We have audience specialists on the ground across the globe, providing continual backup for our agencies and advertising groups world-wide.

We Help Advertisers Achieve Campaign Success

Luxury Auto Success Story

Eyeota's Segments Accelerate Brand Lift and Awareness by 81% for Luxury Auto Brand Campaign on Facebook

View Case Study

International Bank Success Story

Eyeota Helps International Bank Successfully Engage High-Net Worth Individuals Across Digital Channels While Reducing Cost Per Lead by 89%

View Case Study

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