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Audience Data Sessions Q&A with DataXpand

By: Alan Roñis, Data Sales Director, DataXpand

Alan Roñis DataXpand

Alan Roñis, DataXpand's Data Sales Director, shares more on the first data company to be founded in Latin America, their focus on Latin American and US Hispanic audiences and how they can aid marketers and brands worldwide.

Can you introduce yourself, your role and responsibilities?

I am Alan Roñis, Data Sales Director for Dataxpand (Entravision). I am responsible for developing Dataxpand’s business both with agencies over Latin America and also with tech partners around the world. One of my goals is to design and build a great data value proposition, getting interesting and relevant data solutions and being able to make it available to buyers.


DataXpand is described as the first International Data Management Platform (DMP) & Audience Marketplace with truly global scale and reach, can you share more information about your business?

Dataxpand is a data company founded in 2012 (the first in Latin America) and was acquired by Entravision in 2017. We collect and offer data mainly from big publishers and partners in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Spain and other countries. We also have a big footprint of US Hispanics, having one of the largest offline databases in the market leveraging our Entravision corporate position.

We also work with other products like a DMP, in-app audiences, offline attribution and place visits audiences. We belong to the Entravision Digital ecosystem but we are media agnostic and compliant to standard privacy regulations.


Why have you chosen to partner with Eyeota?

Eyeota helps us position our data in countries and partners we have no connection with. They bring data requirements, help accelerate our mutual business, and we help them with quality supply.


How are DataXpand audiences relevant for brands and advertisers?

We are able to provide brands and advertisers with first-party data collected directly from our premium publishers in Latin America and Spain. From demographic, interest and intention to financial, education and places visited, we are able to tailor data according to our customer needs.

Also we have one of the biggest US Hispanics data assets, working with both declared and inferred data with a very granular approach.


How should marketers best use DataXpand audiences?

Our customers can request our standard segments directly from Eyeota but also can reach us directly to build custom segments designed exclusively for the customer’s needs. A lot of our premium segments (like places visited in LatAm, income by region, possession of credit cards and insurances) are not public so we always recommend having a brainstorming session to find the best product fit.


With Eyeota, DataXpand audiences are available globally for omnichannel campaign activation on display, mobile and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. For more information about DataXpand, connect with an audience specialist today at